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BloodLust Red FAction 1 Run Server map rotation
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Sat Apr 28 2012, 08:55PM

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The BloodLust run server has been quite popular. Sup from clan BloodLust approached me and asked if I would put up a run server so I said why not.

Anyhow for those who maybe interested in this old old old game and frustrating as f@%k run maps the rotation is as follows.

$Map: "DM-Darkrun.rfl"
$Map: "dm-disco_run_3.rfl"
$Map: "dm-strange_run mix.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Deathrun5.rfl"
$Map: "DM-SeeLkaRuN.rfl"
$Map: "DM-2Hard2Run.rfl"
$Map: "dm-kz_hillside.rfl"
$Map: "dm Live-or-Die2v1.1.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Deathrun-Freestyle.rfl"
$Map: "dm-disco_run_2_.1.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Deathrun.rfl"
$Map: "DM-runnersrally.rfl"
$Map: "dm-rock-run.rfl"
$Map: "dm Live-or-Die.rfl"
$Map: "dm-gamerduderun4.rfl"
$Map: "dm-frostyfunrun.rfl"
$Map: "dm-runforfun.rfl"
$Map: "dm-tj-fun-run.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Rat-Race-3-fixed.rfl"
$Map: "dm_GreenesHardrun.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Deathrun2.rfl"
$Map: "dm-DrSweetsRunner2.1.rfl"
$Map: "DM-the_easiest_run.rfl"
$Map: "Dm-RunChallenge1.rfl"
$Map: "DM-RBR.rfl"
$Map: "DM-ohshititsarunmap.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Deathrun6.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Deathrun3.rfl"
$Map: "dm-runrunrun.rfl"
$Map: "DM-RunnersRevenge.rfl"
$Map: "dm-disco_run.rfl"
$Map: "DM-RatRace 2.rfl"
$Map: "dm-vala.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Miners_Run.1.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Minirun.rfl"
$Map: "dm-gamerduderun5.rfl"
$Map: "dm-indusrun.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Armyrun.rfl"
$Map: "DM-TkO_run.rfl"
$Map: "dm-frostyfunrun2.rfl"
$Map: "DM-TimidsTag.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Runners Refuge.rfl"
$Map: "DM-clockwork run.rfl"
$Map: "DM-SeeLkaRuN2NP.rfl"
$Map: "DM-OhShitNotAnotherRunmap.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Deathrun-Freestyle2.rfl"
$Map: "DM-SM64 run.rfl"
$Map: "dm-DrSweetsRunner2.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Deathrun-Fun.rfl"
$Map: "DMDarkrunII.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Deathrun2_SE.rfl"
$Map: "DM-SeeLkaRuN3GJ.rfl"
$Map: "DM-KRU-Run.rfl"
$Map: "dm-fort_boyardRUN.rfl"
$Map: "dm-hard_core_run.rfl"
$Map: "Dm-challenge_this_run.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Darkrun.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Deathrun.rfl"
$Map: "dm-strange_run mix.rfl"
$Map: "DM-pirate run.rfl"
$Map: "DM_rock_run~.rfl"
$Map: "DM-Mix-House Run.rfl"
$Map: "DM-MadAllen_Run_2.rfl"

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